1- What are your program hours?
Broward Adult Day Care Center hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
2. How do I register?

To register for our services you must make an appointment by calling the office at 954.791.1611

.3- Do you provide meals?

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and an  snack.
4- What are your fees?
The fee is $50 per day. 


We Provide a widely diversified program with activities for all interest groups.  Including Dominoes, Arts and Crafts, Word Games and Trivia, Computer access, Yoga, Zumba, Stretching, Choir, Theater Group, Bingo and many others.

What does a full day fee include and can a participant attend less than 6 hour?
Transportation to and from the Center A full day of 6-7 hours of planned activities, memory program,  including  Exercises, Music and Singing, Nutrition Education, Personal Care, Social Activities, Leisure Times and Rest Periods, Group and Independent Activities licensed supervision, breakfast a hot full course  lunch and an afternoon snack and beverage. Yes, a participant can participant can participate half day session at an hourly rate.
How do we pay for the program?
Depending on the individual situation, we accept Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care Program, private pay and/Long Term Care Insurance. As well as other waiver programs.

Private Pay $50 (included trnasportation if the participant coming 5 days a week) make payment
Is there an age requirement for Participation in the program and what areas do you cover?
Yes, 18 and older and we serve Broward County.

-Broward County Tops Services.  to apply for through Broward County click here 

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